Compact Storage System

Every storage level of the compact storage system is equipped with a truck shuttle system. Vertical conveyors transport the pallets to the buffer zones of the storage levels. From there they are transported by the truck shuttle system of the level in question to the storage aisles.

The advantages:
Simultaneous storage and retrieval on all levels

Pallets from one batch are distributed over several levels. Pallets from the batch in question can be access directly.

No batteries, no power caps; therefore genuine 24/7 operation, even under cold store conditions. The control software ensures stock security through permanent inventory. Interfaces to all standard ERP systems are available.

Low floor loads:
Ideal for installation in existing warehouses; new constructions are also possible as roof-supported or wall-mounted racks (silos).

Safe access for service and maintenance:
Separate deactivation of the individual levels allows continuous operation to be maintained. The storage levels are safe and simple to access.

Energy efficiency:
Compared with other systems, low weights are moved. Result: High energy savings.

Plants of different sizes from SMB have gone into operation since 2007.